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The young people like having rest in the city park setting the asses right on the green lawn and having no idea their upskirts get shot!
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Dercio ( 3 years ago )
More true words couldn't be wtitren about the nature of the folks that all chip in and help out at Juniper Woods.  We are a community of all sorts of people, each with a unique contribution toward a common goal Happiness!  I too witnessed the effoert it takes the bring our sleepy campground back to life this spring; it was a pleasure helping out Jim & Peggy and it makes me feel great knowing that we will all be enjoying that awsome conversation pool and heated swiming pool again this Summer.  Kudos to the people that renovated the camp office, I can see how much it will improve the first impressions of the visitors and guests that stop in for the day or stay overnight in one of the beautiful campsites.  Heres to a great Summer at Juniper Woods .Drop in and see for youeself.ckb

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