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With every her step the light skirt is getting lifted highly up unbarring the perfectly shaped booty wrapped by tiny string.
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Bebo ( 3 years ago )
Well, you don't want the child to equate the towel with pnueshmint.  I think perhaps a reward system of some kind for when they use the towel properly, and maybe no TV or something similar when they don't.  -5Was this answer helpful?
Simon ( 3 years ago )
I know one family with a yoetusngr who would forget about the towel-rule, so sometimes they'd put him in underwear just to not have to worry about it. When kids are little I think everyone should be a little forgiving about that when they are running around in a naturist setting. That's my only input!    -5Was this answer helpful?
Lyn ( 3 years ago )
Children are definitely nauratl nudists.  Most children when they see others having a great time, they want to join in so the clothing becomes a non issue.When they get a bit older, however, into their early teens some will become body conscious as their bodies are changing and peer pressure becomes important to them. Thus, even if they group up their entire lives as nudists, they now wish to flaunt tan lines like everyone else. It's ok.  This too shall pass.  An idea for a co-worker or family member is to mail them a brochure of an organization or a club anonymously.  See how they react to that!Or simply be upfront and explain it to them.  I recall when I told my father, who was in his 60 s for the first time. I was waiting for a response of  how could you that  and to my surprise he said come I come there? I've always wanted to tan my entire body.  Now, how cool is that!  I grew up in a very conservative family atmosphere.  +13
Runs ( 3 years ago )
I say no being if you go by that logic then 100% of people are nuitsds, everyone is nude in their home often even alone. To me being a nudist is something social. Even if you only do it at home and dont tell anyone else then for sure you are not a nudist in my eyes. If you only go nude in your home and remain nude while you have guests yes you are a nudist. But simply taking a shower and not getting dressed for around hour after your done while alone does not make you a nudist, I am sorry.  +5Was this answer helpful?

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