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Sitting on the bench the amateur woman keeps her legs stretched apart. She is so excited with talking to her girlfriend that does not notice her great upskirt is getting spied by lewd man.
Tags: legs up skirt, great upskirt

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Raghav ( 4 years ago )
the rise of incest cases aruond the world (Columbia, Austria and England), there's a reason why Australia is very adamant about child pornography.Back to your pictures,In regards to the willingness of people from the developing countries to allow to have their pictures taken, it's all about education, and with it, affluence: the more you're informed, the more you're paranoid about stuff, and the more you would rather not have anyone take your pictures. This is why some photographers enjoy taking pictures of people in a rural community or village.But all in all, the pictures you've taken are amazingly astounding.Now, I'm gonna try digging out this one picture I take where there is this drunken guy singing in Hindustan inside the MRT while stationary at Marina Bay
Anna ( 4 years ago )
I'll be adventurous (or is that isnane) and be completely internet-less on my vacation during the next two weeks ... the thought of a very full inbox is kinda scary, but taking a break for a lil' while (hopefully) won't kill me ;-) !
Pachara ( 4 years ago )
Two weeks with no internet, that sonuds horrible. I can definitely understand how bothersome no internet can be since I have moved plenty of times and have had to wait what felt like ages for it to be connected. Hope the rest of ya'lls move wasn't too bad. =)
Sosa ( 4 years ago )
You seem to be missing the point.  Most women don't want to pay a miterc assload of money to rub elbows with creeps.  TAM went from 40% female registration (which is extraordinary) to 18% at present (which is pathetic) and that is before the current crap-fest erupted, for which DJG blamed Watson, et al.  Based on internet commentary, the  number of women at TAM will likely decline further in the future, and you can guaran-damn-tee that the huge delta there doesn't consist entirely of evil female supremacists who want to ruin your good-natured fun.  All Watson said was  uh, don't do that  when some douchecanoe propositioned her in an elevator at 4:30 am after a talk about not doing that.  It isn't goddamn rocket science, and you know what, she still getting attacked, and pretty much everything else anyone has said afterward is a response to that flood of hate-spew.  And another thing:  if some creepy swingers propositioned me with a card like that after I gave a public talk, I wouldn't have written an unhappy blog post, I would have lost my damned mind right then and there and tracked their asses down to return it personally.  That is NOT acceptable, I don't care who the hell they are.  Xenu help em if they did that to my wife.  I cannot comprehend why pointing this out rustles the jimmies of every scruffy goat rapist on the internet.  It surely isn't serving to open the hearts and minds of the magically inclined, who are supposed to be the targets our JREF's efforts, and it sure as hell has soured me on ever attending any event purporting to represent  organized skepticism.   I get enough libertarian man-child herp-derp in my daily life as a computer scientist, thank you very much.  If I wanted more of that, I'd take up Warhammer or go to Objectivist meetings (or somesuch) as a hobby.  Spending time with the likes of the fearless leaders of the Men's Rights Movement here would be hard pressed to compete with the charms of a quiet afternoon spent ramming railroad spikes into my orbits.  That I'd part money for the privilege is laughable, and it would be doubly so were I the proud bearer of a vagina.  THAT is the point.So whether or not all of the pedantic arguments of hairy-chested e-experts are right or wrong, the fact of the matter is that unless the ship is righted immediately then you guys will have no one to blame but yourselves when you are all banging your cocks together at the annual meeting of The Amazing He-Man Woman-Haters Club due to the absence of the softer sex.  At least it will be in Las Vegas, so you can possibly fill the absence with blackjack and hookers.But hey, congratulations, you won an internet fight, lol!
Inga ( 4 years ago )
they need more lois and brian fuking then  stiwees fuking lois n da ass while lois blows  peter while brian has a dildo in his mouth going n peters ass
Manuel ( 4 years ago )
I mostly dont dare to take phoots of people especially on the front, kind of scared that people will hit me ^^; but everything changes when I take cosplay phoots ^^;Now I remembered I saw the free hugs people at orchoad and people really go hug them ^^;
Ilkin ( 4 years ago )
.(One ragging–apocalyse. As bad as those fornute tellers)Oh, so you actually want the apocalypse? Can't you spell?(No one has written rules for birthday parties/celebrations. it’s you people who called it torture. What is torture? Even school detention is torture)Did I say it was torture? You viewed it as torture and hence used that as an adjective. I just didn't approve of the treatment, and am entitled to it.And for heaven sakes   school detention   torture? You must be kidding. (What do you want? Thousands of bullying cases in Singapore and world wide? Every principal to resign with each bullying case?)Is that what you feel they should do? What I said was that I hope she takes some action, particularly on disgracing the school's name. What is disgrace? It's when many other people don't approve of you.(The video is not the whole story. Just like that ST interview which framed an NTU girl as spoilt rich brat. The problem also lies with the tell-talers who posted in on the great tell tale site called STOMP)I didn't pay attention to that case. Though the video is not the whole story, I am appalled by what I had seen. I wouldn't like to know more, though. The girl may be happy and all that her friends threw such a  great' thing for her, but I think she'd be even happier if they threw a party of the norm. Don't you think so? Would you be happier if they tied you up and mucked you in the face? I wouldn't know; in my personal view, that'll be miserable. Perhaps your tastes are different. [ATTN] It is not the point that it didn't cause harm or trauma. It is the point where people has grown insensitive to others feelings.She might not have said it, but that didn't mean she might not have felt it. Sincerely,Luc.
Roger ( 4 years ago )
Not interested in steert photog myself, but glad to see you are. Anyway, I think you can be more daring, in terms of both composition and subject. Most of your pics above look like snapshots ninja-style. I like the construction worker ones though.I notice one boyfriend staring at you for taking photos of his girlfriend haha. Watch out for ah bengs, not even the storm trooper armour can prevent ah beng's sharp combs.

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Just imagine how lovely it is to chase a girl with a cam ready. A gust of wind, or a bend - and her crotch gets on film. Easy? Hell no! Get in to see lots of unsuspecting upskirt hotties hunted down. Totally raunchy stuff!