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Having turned back to the spy camera and bent a little bit over the car this gorgeous blonde model provides the secret viewers with her enjoyable ass up skirt which is super hot!
Tags: ass up skirt

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Mohab ( 4 years ago )
Well, sir, you never made it clear you were addressing one paurictlar instance with one paurictlar set of circumstances, so there was no way for me to know your exact frame of reference. Maybe try making that clear next time?When did I say they had no right to be unhappy? As I pointed out above, yeah, Elyse had a right to vent about the swingers because what they did was inappropriate under those circumstances. I haven't addressed the so-called  underskirt camera  because I don't know all the facts and I need to look at both sides of the issue. I don't get all the sweeping generalizations about  sweating neckbeards,  especially since there's probably just as many generalizations that someone could make about you, that are just as negative. Do you think that's really productive? Or are you just trolling and trying to get people worked up? What will that accomplish?And has been pointed out, isn't it odd that after praising TAM 9 to the rafters as a  safe space  and  good for women, a bunch of people do an about-face? What's your explanation for that?You're no font of reason yourself; your posts overflow with prejudice and emotion. Every time you go on about  sweaty neckbeards  you pound another nail in the coffin of your credibility as a skeptic. Tone down the prejudice and overheated rhetoric and you might actually get somewhere.And quite honestly, the upcoming TAM has a ton of female speakers and I personally know lots of women who are going and are eager to go. So kick and scream all you want that it'll be a sausage fest whine and cry all you want that it will be a sausage fest type it on the internet all you want that it will be a sausage fest. None of that will make it true.Your claims of being able to see the future undermine your skeptic cred, dude.
Mirry ( 4 years ago )
Namaste,To me, body acceptance is a two fold issue. First, it means to me that it is not my place to judge orehts' bodies, precisely because those are *their* bodies. If I had no eyes with which to see, or hands with which to feel, would I judge their bodies? Probably not. Their health, their size, their genetic makeup, what they eat or don't eat- these are none of my business. I believe that people ought to have dominion over their own bodies. I also acknowledge that some people live in  food deserts,' and so have varying degrees of access to healthcare, food choices, etc. Shaming people into looking a certain way is harmful. Second, body acceptance- of my own body- means that I must accept my body today as it is, regardless of its imperfections, however real or perceived. It means that I will not abuse my body to force it to conform to some ideal. I will not equate size or shape with health. It means that I prioritize emotional and psychological health, and recognize that while physical health is important, and affect psychology, it is not to be based on looks. Blood-work, bones scans, and such are between my doctor and me, and I should follow physician recommendations, based on my medical needs.This is the only body I have, it belongs only to me. Your body is your own. Judgement based on looks is unnecessary.xo
Nathan ( 4 years ago )
hey bro, thanks for the cotnemms, was about to consult u for shooting advices. will keep that in mind.the boyfriend with the girl in green next to the poster. don't worry, he thinks i'm taking shots of the poster. was waiting for the girl to turn around.concur on the more daring part. right now only dare to take pics of their backs. will be working on how to take them at the front with their facial expressions.
Harwinder ( 4 years ago )
I mostly dont dare to take ptohos of people especially on the front, kind of scared that people will hit me ^^; but everything changes when I take cosplay ptohos ^^;Now I remembered I saw the free hugs people at orchoad and people really go hug them ^^;
Foster ( 4 years ago )
Candid is fun to play with, isn't it. Can capture how pelope behave in public. I love taking photos of kids. Sometimes, i get the very curious look from their parents, but i just smile and go. XD There was once, an old ah pek scolded me when i didn't even take his photo. =.= 'That's the Kino at orchard ne? Am going to go this coming tues to get Jump.And, yeah. Neoprint is the word for it. Very expensive, yet fun. Used to take lotsa them during my secondary days. Actually regarding the photo about the shutter, it's better in this way. Usually for candid, we will have an idea in mind what do we want as our subject. In the particular photo, i believe the subject is the group of youngsters. So, with a  blurred' background, it brings out the subject. Just my thoughts, hope you don't mind. ^.^

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