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You lose and you have to show your boobs! Sorry, babe, that's just how it goes. Never seen nipples that small, were they even there?
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Luisinho ( 4 years ago )
You seem to be missing the point.  Most women don't want to pay a metirc assload of money to rub elbows with creeps.  TAM went from 40% female registration (which is extraordinary) to 18% at present (which is pathetic) and that is before the current crap-fest erupted, for which DJG blamed Watson, et al.  Based on internet commentary, the  number of women at TAM will likely decline further in the future, and you can guaran-damn-tee that the huge delta there doesn't consist entirely of evil female supremacists who want to ruin your good-natured fun.  All Watson said was  uh, don't do that  when some douchecanoe propositioned her in an elevator at 4:30 am after a talk about not doing that.  It isn't goddamn rocket science, and you know what, she still getting attacked, and pretty much everything else anyone has said afterward is a response to that flood of hate-spew.  And another thing:  if some creepy swingers propositioned me with a card like that after I gave a public talk, I wouldn't have written an unhappy blog post, I would have lost my damned mind right then and there and tracked their asses down to return it personally.  That is NOT acceptable, I don't care who the hell they are.  Xenu help em if they did that to my wife.  I cannot comprehend why pointing this out rustles the jimmies of every scruffy goat rapist on the internet.  It surely isn't serving to open the hearts and minds of the magically inclined, who are supposed to be the targets our JREF's efforts, and it sure as hell has soured me on ever attending any event purporting to represent  organized skepticism.   I get enough libertarian man-child herp-derp in my daily life as a computer scientist, thank you very much.  If I wanted more of that, I'd take up Warhammer or go to Objectivist meetings (or somesuch) as a hobby.  Spending time with the likes of the fearless leaders of the Men's Rights Movement here would be hard pressed to compete with the charms of a quiet afternoon spent ramming railroad spikes into my orbits.  That I'd part money for the privilege is laughable, and it would be doubly so were I the proud bearer of a vagina.  THAT is the point.So whether or not all of the pedantic arguments of hairy-chested e-experts are right or wrong, the fact of the matter is that unless the ship is righted immediately then you guys will have no one to blame but yourselves when you are all banging your cocks together at the annual meeting of The Amazing He-Man Woman-Haters Club due to the absence of the softer sex.  At least it will be in Las Vegas, so you can possibly fill the absence with blackjack and hookers.But hey, congratulations, you won an internet fight, lol!

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