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We would really want to think that this babe doesn't know her bubble-but and all the curves of her sexy body have been recorded
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Macio ( 7 years ago )
it better oueeslvrs, though not for lack of trying!  We're as perplexed as you about why any naturists should consider this fuss to have anything to do with the practice of nudism/naturism.  We have seen little evidence of nudists in the mix other than a few outsiders visiting there.We've received a lot of flak over this from both gay advocates and nudists who either equate  criticism of the actions of a few as an indictment of an entire social group, or nudity with nudism, or both.   AANR has even roused from slumber to indicate support to the Castro naked people rather than to emphatically distance the nudist community from this irresponsible behavior which can only hurt our cause.As you say, this sets a precedence which can be called up the next time someone advocates for a little more body freedom, and can be used as an example of what can be expected if folks are allowed to sunbathe topless in their own yards!Yours and ours is a mainstream position but unfortunately the mainstream doesn't participate a lot in public online discussions, so mostly the noisy minority is heard.  They also tend to be the ones with their own agenda to promote, an agenda often conflicting with nudism as practiced by most.So we'll keep seeing  nudist' and  naturist' attached to everything that happens involving a nude person, and no one of authority will stand up and say, enough!   They too have their agendas, it would seem.

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