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The summer is in full play with its heat and swelter and the babes stopped wearing panties up their tiny skirts.
Tags: look up her skirt, upskirt on the view
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Kallyellisson ( 3 years ago )
I'm with you Melisa I tell everyone I'm a nudsit. Ssimply because I refuse to be ashamed of something that has been so good for me. I love it, it has cut way down on my stress levels. At first my family and friends were like uhh, okay, I guess? But as they have learned more about it from me they realize it is just a part of who I am. I think this is the only way to legitimize social nudism in the eyes of the public one person at a time through interaction with real people who just so happen to enjoy social nudism. Simple when you think of it. I mean how to a lot of us learn about the world? Through interaction it is the things that are unknown that are mysterious and weird. So let the cat out of the bag you never know who else might be one too.

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