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Najah ( 4 years ago )
about time being relative, or Mas Ayoob eihetr, because as I felt those silky nylon shorts slide off the end of my toes, I had an eternity to ponder what, exactly, I ought to do.Part of me, most of me, the Baptist me, the Texas me, the "these folks ain't never seen me in my altogether" me, said, "Curl up like a pollywog and go fishing for your shorts, you fool."The rest of me said, "I'd a whole lot rather swim 200 meters than 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 or 1400."The rest of me won.Doubtless it was due to the reduced drag of bein' all nekkid and suchlike, but I stroked out (hey!  no comments, mister!) like nobody's business, and finished a hands-span before the next guy.  Climbed out of the pool, in my alltogether, and waited while the First Sergeant/instructor clocked everyone else in.When we were all out of the pool, the First Sergeant said, "Well, you were first, so you can go.""Can I get my swim trunks?""I think maybe that'd be a good idea."So I jumped back in the water, put back on my silky nylons (hey, none of that, mister!), got out of the pool, hit the showers and went back to the barracks.I had figured, along the way, that everyone there had probably seen a naked man before---the guys certainly, and the girls, well, certainly as well, and I had the pool as an excuse, and I'd a whole lot rather swim 200 meters at speed than anything beyond that.Nekkid's just a state of mind.
Paul ( 4 years ago )
I came into a family in prseogrs with a nasty  ex  problem, so I made no attempt to bring up the kids that way.  But a cousin and other families I know have.  It seems pretty straightforward.  Violate the rules and you'll spend some time in clothes while others around you are free to be nude.  Clothing as punishment, because clothing is punishment.That said, parents learn to tolerate a certain amount of insensitivity and yes, unsanitary behavior anyway.  Some pet owners seem to have completely resigned themselves to it, and others put up with it.  -1Was this answer helpful?
Karla ( 4 years ago )
I say no being if you go by that logic then 100% of people are nstduis, everyone is nude in their home often even alone. To me being a nudist is something social. Even if you only do it at home and dont tell anyone else then for sure you are not a nudist in my eyes. If you only go nude in your home and remain nude while you have guests yes you are a nudist. But simply taking a shower and not getting dressed for around hour after your done while alone does not make you a nudist, I am sorry.  +5Was this answer helpful?

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