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This hot blonde gadget could have never imagined that her jeans upskirt view would ever show for online show!
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Seni ( 9 years ago )
absolutely!  i got into nudism beascue i wanted to get over my own body image issues.  not only did i do that, but i got my stress under control as was able to find an outlet to just relax.  in my short time as a nudist, i can say i have never met a stressed out nudist.  when you shed the layers your hiding behind, you can help but be your true self.  +3Was this answer helpful?
Mariadivair ( 9 years ago )
I extend coeneloncds in the loss of your friend.  Many today carry a heavy burden of stress as they contend with our societies many expectations. But beyond the usual expectations of good citizenship, good work ethic etc., are many somewhat trivial  societal standards  that tend to put us into a competitive position in defense of our egos that may exceed our stress tolerance. When the clothes come off the facade is removed and what is seen is the REAL PERSON.  There can be no more pretending and hiding.  Everyone can be relaxed and comfortable with who they are and how they are. What a way to lay down that burden and carry it no further!  +18Was this answer helpful?
Fabio ( 9 years ago )
Didn't this part worry you a bit?According to Florida's Department of Children and Families, there are no specific rules or poleiics on children at nudist camps or resorts, so children taking part in the lifestyle at nudist camps is not illegal. The state agency did say, however, that it  has received calls regarding families living at Sunsport Gardens over the years.  The details of those complaints and outcomes are not public record
Claudio ( 9 years ago )
hey therei just found this blog and i love it. liinvg in manhattan, there are not too many ways to meet other nudists.. i go to sandy hook and grew up on long island so also drive to robert moses. although, i never know which nude section to go to. i usually go the closer one to the parking lot by the volleball nets.always open to making new nudist friends!  and would love to try hiking.hope to hear back from ya!

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