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This is one of the hottest public upskirt close-ups from the private collection of our skilful and naughty hunter.
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Ricky ( 4 years ago )
I have been a nudist since I dseicoervd it by myself when I was about 12, almost 50 years ago.  My wife seldom participates in social nudism with me, so I am lumped into that category of  Single Males .  On occassion she has visited other nudist parks with me, but just cannot get into the social opportunities that real nudism offers.  Regardless, I do not let that prevent me from visiting various nudist parks.  I understand the stereotype that goes along with any male wishing to spend as day in the park, so I work with it, and not against it.  Hidden River Nudist Resort is where I primarily visit on a regular basis.  I have been using this park for about the last 10 years.  But before my first visit, I made contact with the owner, by email and the telephone.  I wanted to make a good impression and develop a bond of trust.  On my first visit, I spent several hours with the owner, introducing myself, my background, and answering any & all questions.  Whenever I plan a visit to the park, I always notify the staff of my upcoming visit, and most importantly, I obey all the rules!
Sachinthaka ( 4 years ago )
I'm glad you're doing well with the health proagrm!  I have been following your blog since the Penn. days, and really enjoy reading your comments.  I have moved to Middle Tn. on some land in the last year from the Pacific NW, and have also lost weight due to labor on the farm.  My wife is an excellent cook and we have been watching what we eat for many years.  Now we can also grow some of what we eat!
Abassi ( 4 years ago )
Nice to read your comments, I've been a fan since the days when you were in Penn.I am 69 and in my day, eveoryne had a separate outfit for PE, and had to shower afterwards.  The ones who didn't dress had to have a note from parents or person of responsibiltiy.Things seem to be very different now in our schools!
Dasha ( 4 years ago )
Melissa! Thank you for this post, it was so nice! We had a great time with you, and we're so glad you came down to see for yourself what Nude Night Out is about   (why, the love, of cosure. 1-track mind   We do have a pretty diverse group, with some die-hard dancers hahah. We usually get a few newbies, and it's fun to introduce people and see what they think about nudism/nude parties. If you come back we can try to fix your GPS, but can't do much about the Lincoln Tunnel lol. See you again soon!
Bernardo ( 4 years ago )
Melissa. Not too sure if you will read this as it is an ancient post. I've often tugohht of giving a seminar for single women, couples, and families on the advantages of social nudism, but don't quite know how to go about it. As a single male, I would expect a seminar to be much more acceptable if a female co-directed. AANR sponsership would be a big help and go a long way toward acceptance.Perhaps reaching out to interested females and families through the local media and the internet is an option. What do you think? And any advise would be most appreciated.
Ayesha ( 4 years ago )
Hi Melissa,  I am the only one in my family that eynjos being clothes free. I would like my wife to join me, but for some reason she doesn't feel comfortable or she has  somthing else to say like why?  I am not a member of any like AANR, or Minnesota Naturist. I am a home nudist and have been one for a number of years. We don't have any place close to my area that is private or secluded. I lived south of Mankato, MN. and as far as nudist friends there are none. As far as starting a conversation on nudity/naturism without people thinking your some kind of weirdo how would you start? Hope you can help.Thanks

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