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Leopard skirt of walking lady doesn't hide her full-butt panty upskirt from a professional hunter who manages to break through
Tags: look up her skirt, upskirt girls
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Juan ( 4 years ago )
First, I think there are many of us that  just like (or prefer) being nude,   and are nude whneever possible and that includes in temps that others may find clothing more suitable for the cold.I think we all have our own internal themostats and some of us warm up easier, others get colder faster.  I, like you, seem to warm up enough to shed clothing much sooner than my wife or even our oldest daughter, who is always cold.We live in Southern California and our guage for  cold  is not the same as those of you that live in areas where your suburbs and cities get snow, heavy snow.  We need to travel into the mountains to experience it or travel to places that are typically cold in fall and winter.  For us   it's cold when it's in the 50 s but those that live in areas that have temps much colder than that   would see 50+ degree weather a blessing and make it easier to take their clothes off and enjoy being nude in that temp.As long as I am working, doing something to generate some internal heat   I've been nude in low 40 degree weather for a period of time.  I've been nude in lower temps but not for prolonged periods of time.  My wife's nude thermometer is 68 degrees, sun, no wind.  She gets cold easily.For me; given the change to be naked   I'm all over the thermometer! LOL
James ( 4 years ago )
this, I think that in the case of people plyanig in the nude, only if there are ostensibly sexual activities taking place would it be considered by most to be  porn , including the powers that be.So If those waving their penises around had erections, then I would agree that this would be more sexual than simple nudism, but men just being silly and acting like kids, including waving their penis around, doesn't at all imply anything of a prurient nature at all, and therefore I would see nothing pornographic about it.Ultimately,  porn  is in the eyes of the beholder. However, we as a society tend to draw lines where a majority of beholders deem it should be drawn. I have not personally yet seen anything on this site that crosses that line into blatant pornography, and frankly, based on what I have seen, I would not expect it.
Stephanie ( 4 years ago )
More true words couldn't be wtertin about the nature of the folks that all chip in and help out at Juniper Woods.  We are a community of all sorts of people, each with a unique contribution toward a common goal Happiness!  I too witnessed the effoert it takes the bring our sleepy campground back to life this spring; it was a pleasure helping out Jim & Peggy and it makes me feel great knowing that we will all be enjoying that awsome conversation pool and heated swiming pool again this Summer.  Kudos to the people that renovated the camp office, I can see how much it will improve the first impressions of the visitors and guests that stop in for the day or stay overnight in one of the beautiful campsites.  Heres to a great Summer at Juniper Woods .Drop in and see for youeself.ckb
Wawan ( 4 years ago )
Melissa. Not too sure if you will read this as it is an ancient post. I've often tghohut of giving a seminar for single women, couples, and families on the advantages of social nudism, but don't quite know how to go about it. As a single male, I would expect a seminar to be much more acceptable if a female co-directed. AANR sponsership would be a big help and go a long way toward acceptance.Perhaps reaching out to interested females and families through the local media and the internet is an option. What do you think? And any advise would be most appreciated.
Carlos ( 4 years ago )
sorry for late reply! most of our videos are back! but if you're inereesttd in that popular fratpad dance one, we're yet to find a good platform to upload it  maybe dailymotion would work

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