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Tiny flared skirt showed off everything the girl had to offer, her brilliant tasty butt cheeks and smooth curves of that body
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Subhash ( 6 years ago )
It all depends on what I am doing, or plinnang to do.  If going to a hot spring, I can be naked take temperature down the 40 s, and if I am going to be active, such as hiking, I can take temperatures down to about 60.  If I am just going to be sitting around or swimming in one of the local Rive4rs here in Oregon, , I prefer mid 70 s or higher.  I am originally from los Angels and am definitely wrm blooded.  To me clothing is for either warmth or protection.  If it does not fulfill one of those needs, it isn't needed (or wante4d).
Aron ( 6 years ago )
Since it was introduced, I've held out for Small Business Day and do most of my shppniog for Diane at the small businesses in our  Old Town.   The supply is limited as are the choices but   I'm still able to find what she wants and likes and I will pay just a little bit more to stay clear of the horrendous crowds and the big stores.I'm also mindful of smaller, independant places, like coffee shops and go to several throughout the month.  I like keeping smaller businesses in business and I wish more and more people would patronize many of these independants.I think working Thanksgiving should be  voluntary.   If the business is willing to pay extra or double time for workers working a Holiday, then let those employees make that choice.  If you can't staff your business   close the doors and wait til the following day. I agree, there is way too much corporate greed and it bugs me that a month or more before a holiday   you can't find anything for the holiday that is  still 2 weeks away!Besides   smaller businesses  usually  offer better customer service    usually.
Cynthia ( 6 years ago )
Melissa, I love the title of your post, and we are both pondering the same qutiseon lol. So far I plan to start writing for other publications about nudism, women and body issues. Also planning to do some outreach this summer at various events and outings! Like the World Naked Bike Ride for example. Another idea is doing a women's-only event. Plus if you do organize a top-free gathering in your area this spring/summer, we'd be happy to publicize it!
Rui ( 6 years ago )
I find the only true way to make it work would go against the idea of ndsium and freedom itself, I mean imagine if you will you enter through the gate to your local nude resort and upon doing so your asked or told you must hand over cell phones that have photo taking ability and you get a tag in return so it would almost be like a valet for your phone! actually that might work very well. I would have no issue turning in my phone like that being if I am there to relax nude the phone is just a modern distraction that is not needed. So to everyone promote the phone valet method to your resort or club. It very well could work.
eder ( 10 years ago )
yes beybe

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