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The amateur teen chick should put her panty in order because it never covers her treasures up the very short skirt.
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Saira ( 4 years ago )
For me it depends on coomrft and what activity I am doing, not necessarily the temperature. Sometimes in the colder weather I have an urge to go nude (especially following a shower)and although it is strange, it feels good. Other times in the cold I prefer to stay clothed.Same as on the other hand, I may go nude on a really hot day, or I may stay in the A/C with clothes on if it gets really hot.It completely depends on what I am doing and how I feel rather than temperature.
Lucilene ( 4 years ago )
Nice to read your conmemts, I've been a fan since the days when you were in Penn.I am 69 and in my day, evneroye had a separate outfit for PE, and had to shower afterwards.  The ones who didn't dress had to have a note from parents or person of responsibiltiy.Things seem to be very different now in our schools!
Angelika ( 4 years ago )
My need/reason for having my cell phone with me is retaled to my job.  I work for a manufacturing company that runs 24/7 in multiple sites across the country. I routinely have to be on call and must always be available in case of software issues that can cost millions of dollars if not corrected quickly.  All I want to be able to do is CARRY my cell phone with me, in a enclosed way (zipper pocket of my towel, a bag on a string around my neck). I don't want to get it OUT and USE IT, but I must be able to look to see if a text or phone call from work has come in.I respect the desire of my fellow nudists/naturists to not be concerned about pictures or perhaps worse.. having someone sitting by them while they are relaxing in the warm sun who is constantly talking, texting, gabbing, with someone one the phone.  Perhaps even just across the pool!  UGH  But what is the harm in carrying my phone, in a pouch? Then if a text or call comes in, removing myself to a designated  use' area to make/receive calls and respond to texts.I agree with Melissa however, the true problem is BEHAVIOR not technology.

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