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Everything is sexy about this bimbo that our camera guy met in the street
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Emmanuel ( 6 years ago )
Hi, I tried to post this on the  College Toilet Policy  article, but it didn't work.What is with these new boahrtoms?  First of all, the toilet seats are so uncomfortable!  They force you to sit with your legs spread so far open that it hurts!  And now that the boahrtoms are just open (no wall facing the toilets), it seems like guys are always crowding around to watch.  I've even had some come right up to me while I was on the toilet and take movies and pictures of me peeing closeup!  They came over and started feeling me up, playing with my nipples and even opened my pussy lips so they could see inside.  Also, I don't like the rule that girls can take each other's clothes from the cubbyholes outside the bathroom almost every time I get my clothes stolen and I'm forced to walk around naked.  The cubbies should at least be locked!  I think some of the mischievous boys just steal all our clothes!  Can you please improve the bathroom situation?
Ankita ( 6 years ago )
about it. Due to a complete lack of daeitl I can only conclude that he could clearly tell that you were wet and therefore raped you which was his right and duty. No testing is necessary if your excitement is clearly obvious. It is unfortunate that you no longer goto the pool and I hope you will change your mind and return often. There are few thing in life as enjoyable as watching a beautiful naked girl enjoying the water and sunshine.     Now I would like to address the replies to Michelle's post:To Base- Telling a girl who has misbehaved in this manner to add more infractions to the list by harming one of our male students is off-base (pardon the pun). However, telling her to bring a friend to the pool is not a bad idea. Two hot girls nude are always better than one. You seemed to take a stance on these boys falsely punishing Michelle's arousal but  she freely admits her cunt was wet. If she took your advise to physically harm any of our male students she would be the one to end up facing charges.    Also, your further comments relating to anal beads was quite interesting. On this point your advise was quite correct. Michelle obviously cannot decide for herself sometimes what is ok and what is not, so telling her to ask assistance from our young gentlemen was very reasonable. You were also correct in telling her that boys need a lot of latitude when they conduct their inspections. She'll get used to it.      You mentioned something about forced oral sex which I can only assume was referring to the boy who was merely trying to stop her from creating a scene at the pool and ruining everybody else's good time by keeping her quiet. I see nothing wrong with his actions. In closing I would like to say that I know sometimes the very smart men here can find it funny when girls who are less intelligent misunderstand or get confused but please do not try to persuade the girls in their stupidity to do things purposely to get themselves in trouble, especially when it could be painful to the boys of our college. I am sure you didnt mean anything by it and were just trying to be funny. No harm done.Sincerely,The Dean

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