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Nobody knew what was there under blonde's black dress until she got herself comfortable in a chair and crossed her pretty long legs
Tags: free upskirt galleries, hot girl up skirt
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Outlawteddy ( 3 years ago )
i love this website for i love being nude and doing yoga .i have alyaws been slighty scared to go out in public in the nude .but i have really been inspierd to  take new risks after reading and following this blogg .i would like to say i really hope you resume adding new additions ;photos ,new poses ,reviews on places  videos? im by sexual,18 and full of life and energy .i have alyaws thought of my self as a bit of a/an out cast for thinking and being diffrent than the other kids my age .i have never been aroused by being in the presents of females or males .sex was/is just another word like dog or fun.i have just alyaws felt that comfortable in my natural state, that is to my self  you inspire me and make me look forword to someday ..hopefully be as open as youthank you
Ray ( 3 years ago )
this, I think that in the case of people pilnayg in the nude, only if there are ostensibly sexual activities taking place would it be considered by most to be  porn , including the powers that be.So If those waving their penises around had erections, then I would agree that this would be more sexual than simple nudism, but men just being silly and acting like kids, including waving their penis around, doesn't at all imply anything of a prurient nature at all, and therefore I would see nothing pornographic about it.Ultimately,  porn  is in the eyes of the beholder. However, we as a society tend to draw lines where a majority of beholders deem it should be drawn. I have not personally yet seen anything on this site that crosses that line into blatant pornography, and frankly, based on what I have seen, I would not expect it.
Camilla ( 3 years ago )
It all depends on what I am doing, or pinanlng to do.  If going to a hot spring, I can be naked take temperature down the 40 s, and if I am going to be active, such as hiking, I can take temperatures down to about 60.  If I am just going to be sitting around or swimming in one of the local Rive4rs here in Oregon, , I prefer mid 70 s or higher.  I am originally from los Angels and am definitely wrm blooded.  To me clothing is for either warmth or protection.  If it does not fulfill one of those needs, it isn't needed (or wante4d).
Maricel ( 3 years ago )
You know this already   but I peaitnd the entire inside or our current home   and the one we sold to purchase this home   in the nude.  I peaitnd the sold home in stages but was nude the entire time.  I too learned from room to room of better or different techniques to keep paint of the carpet, making straight lines and taping to keep the paint off the ceiling so I wasn't going back to touch up.This home was even more fun.  I had to go out and buy a taller ladder! 12   14 ft ceilings were much different to paint than the 9 ft ceilings in the old house.  Trying to figure out how to explain why I was naked, lying in paint and injured to the 911 first responders was always on my mind at the top of that ladder! LOLI did show up for a Dr's appt. later in the afternoon after painting.  While my female doctor was performing an exam and I had my shorts around my ankles   she asked    painting again?   I said,  yeah    She said    missed a spot and lightly poked the spot on my butt!   Seems I leaned against a wet wall! LOL
Nas ( 3 years ago )
sorry for late reply! most of our videos are back! but if you're inteeestrd in that popular fratpad dance one, we're yet to find a good platform to upload it  maybe dailymotion would work

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