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If you are interested in what is there under the hot celebs
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Kenneth ( 9 years ago )
Handbags it is :) Y'see what gets me about this kind of stuff is it is all about 'image'.  There is no substance - no real atuditte.Part of what I love about flat track and all the go fast turn left racing is the blood sweat and tears atuditte of the whole thing.  Yes, the bikes do look awesome, but there is that fundamental shit or bust atuditte that goes with it all - including with the good street tracker stuff.It is the same with this guy's music - it all appears to be a marketing for cash exercise.  It isn't really trying to do or say anything.  And yes it is a great looking bike, but he might as well be selling strides as music in the picture.Just my opinion of course - I'm not so great, but come on - McQueen actually did it.  Mr Williams does er, what is it he does again?But born to be mild did make me smile ...
Yunie ( 9 years ago )
One of two outcomes seem to arise from that picurte: Either TLM fell headfirst into the icecream, or he vaulted from his chair, gouging out your eyes with the spoon. It's hit or miss.Also: I'll be expecting a sort of placard, denoting my religious-rodent position.
Adara ( 9 years ago )
Regarding something On-Topic:The Camera phone was aaywls a novelty till my blackberry 8320 came along: the ability to Take an embarrassing Photo and then Immediately hold that person's visage hostage via Facebook upload is a priceless negotiation tool. I mean, uploading is enough- but the addition of tagging and a caption all from the palm of my hand? Oh man.And my family has aaywls had a very tenuous Family mission statement that has worked: Bad deeds on the part of the children result in grave Embarrassments around peer group via parentals (I get a bad grade, my father carts up a bunch of naked barbies from the basement during a party:  hey alex, I got your old toys here! , Hilarity ensues, etc ). A vicious cycle, but somehow I think I prefer it- besides, I have generally been one to come clean to my parents about anything, preferring to be open then closed. Ce La Vie.  And man, a placard a-la Bizarro superman would be amazing, and make a wonderful icebreaker, heh.
Mehdi ( 9 years ago )
Meh. For me it depends on how its done. Dave Letterman picks on all of his gutess, but its always in good humor, nothing ever too mean. Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno can cross the line sometimes, because they are not as good at the subtleties of sarcasm as Uncle Dave. Monique simple humiliates herself every night. I havent yet had an opportunity to watch the new Conan show, but hes usually pretty nice to his gutess.
Badr ( 9 years ago )
Even if you go to stand-up comedy bars they will do the same.  I don't want to gealenrize, I'm from the East and not from the West, but it seems like it's part of their spontaneous act to keep people interested.  Here in Manila, we have a lot of comedy bars, usually hosted by comedians (straight or gay) and they end up insulting and humiliating their guests, majority are foreigners, who keep on returning every night.  I don't like the idea and I feel it's strange but some of these people do feel entertained.  I'm also wondering if they apologize after the whole show
anas ( 13 years ago )

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