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celebs movie

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Get the view at this horny sex star sitting in a very short skirt in the luxurious arm chair.
Tags: celebs flashing, sexy celebs pics
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Palepa ( 9 years ago )
Regarding something On-Topic:The Camera phone was aawlys a novelty till my blackberry 8320 came along: the ability to Take an embarrassing Photo and then Immediately hold that person's visage hostage via Facebook upload is a priceless negotiation tool. I mean, uploading is enough- but the addition of tagging and a caption all from the palm of my hand? Oh man.And my family has aawlys had a very tenuous Family mission statement that has worked: Bad deeds on the part of the children result in grave Embarrassments around peer group via parentals (I get a bad grade, my father carts up a bunch of naked barbies from the basement during a party:  hey alex, I got your old toys here! , Hilarity ensues, etc ). A vicious cycle, but somehow I think I prefer it- besides, I have generally been one to come clean to my parents about anything, preferring to be open then closed. Ce La Vie.  And man, a placard a-la Bizarro superman would be amazing, and make a wonderful icebreaker, heh.

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