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The celebritys black panty up skit is clearly seen as she is getting taught to dance.
Tags: celebrities for free, celebs voyeur
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Debora ( 9 years ago )
Thank you for reading and cotennmimg hun :) your blog is really great, especially if you've just started it! I would recommend starting a twitter account to find people who enjoy the same things as you write about, and let them know about your blog and comment regularly on lots of different blogs as usually the people who read yours are fellow bloggers. Hope this helps! :) xx
Sabesyatro ( 9 years ago )
Handbags it is :) Y'see what gets me about this kind of stuff is it is all about 'image'.  There is no substance - no real atitutde.Part of what I love about flat track and all the go fast turn left racing is the blood sweat and tears atitutde of the whole thing.  Yes, the bikes do look awesome, but there is that fundamental shit or bust atitutde that goes with it all - including with the good street tracker stuff.It is the same with this guy's music - it all appears to be a marketing for cash exercise.  It isn't really trying to do or say anything.  And yes it is a great looking bike, but he might as well be selling strides as music in the picture.Just my opinion of course - I'm not so great, but come on - McQueen actually did it.  Mr Williams does er, what is it he does again?But born to be mild did make me smile ...

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