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She kicked him hard when the guy pulled down her top and grabbed her tit then looking as if nothing had happened!
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Angelina ( 3 years ago )
hi there, thanks for your coemnmt, but I strongly disagree with you. I don't see anything wrong or pornographic in a video showing good looking guys, even if they wave their dicks in circles trying it out funny moves. In my opinion your thinking is against naturist philosophy: we treat penis as just another body part. Would you argue against someone waving their hand in circles? No? But what's wrong with penis then? Or is the problem that the guys look athletic???
Chad ( 3 years ago )
You are very welcome!   I just found that opoiinn so wrong! How can one find something insulting in a body? It is all you have, it carries you through so many difficult spots in life and they hide it. And for porn and sexuality, why should it be so wrong? They were concieved that way, does it make their existence insulting? I would hope not! Instead of explaining to kids this is who we are and itb4s nothing vulgar, they act as nudity is indecent and they  protect  them from it  and then, they wonder why is it their kid who hates his/her body, is ashamed of it and is afraid to ask questions about sex  how does it end? not so well  :/ and I should know, I was not a long ago teenager who could not change clothes in front of other kids  itb4s sad really

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