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Guy with the cam filmed her underwear

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This girl was so rapt by her thoughts that she didnt notice a guy with the cam filming her sexy underwear!
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Moncerrat ( 9 years ago )
hey therei just found this blog and i love it. liinvg in manhattan, there are not too many ways to meet other nudists.. i go to sandy hook and grew up on long island so also drive to robert moses. although, i never know which nude section to go to. i usually go the closer one to the parking lot by the volleball nets.always open to making new nudist friends!  and would love to try hiking.hope to hear back from ya!
Aslam ( 9 years ago )
I am a person with a diasiblity. After I developed a severely painful pressure sore on my tailbone a few years ago and having to spend 2 to 3 days on my stomach in order for it to heal properly, I vowed to do what I could never to get another one. Luckily for me, I have good blood supply to the area.Since then however, my skin has become sensitive. If I wear underwear and pants, it all bunches up where I sit; and it can rub there. If I wear just my pants, it feels better, but it is not great.What feels the best is to just take my pants (and underwear) off when I get home. The only support and understanding I feel I would get is from the naturist community. There are no travel or landed clubs nearby that am aware of.I feel rather isolated.Thank you for listening and understanding.
Bernabe ( 9 years ago )
in the moment when they were rnttaiog their penises like propellers, the focus was on that, yes. i think it looked funny, but I assume it might look also arousing, especially for people who are not used to seeing naked bodies.The video was taken off vimeo for copyright infringement (either from Fratpad or soundtrack owners)
Julia ( 9 years ago )
i love this website for i love being nude and doing yoga .i have alayws been slighty scared to go out in public in the nude .but i have really been inspierd to  take new risks after reading and following this blogg .i would like to say i really hope you resume adding new additions ;photos ,new poses ,reviews on places  videos? im by sexual,18 and full of life and energy .i have alayws thought of my self as a bit of a/an out cast for thinking and being diffrent than the other kids my age .i have never been aroused by being in the presents of females or males .sex was/is just another word like dog or fun.i have just alayws felt that comfortable in my natural state, that is to my self  you inspire me and make me look forword to someday ..hopefully be as open as youthank you
Open ( 9 years ago )
Girl it's an unflattering pic but its just celuillte. Get over it. You look ridiculous trying to disprove it in your 1980s flashdance attire. First off you are in a room with dim lighting and secondly you are being filmed from above not the same angle the pics were taken and third you were wearing very dark tights that don't easy show your tattoo and forth that pic was directly behind you which wouldn't show at tat on the side of your leg. Nice try sweetie. And one last thing you should lay off the fillers your face looks like the saw mask dude. No good for someone under 30. Very vain JWOWW
Ken ( 9 years ago )
When I was out for my morning walk in teitlxe territory, (we're staring with family in Missouri) I was thinking how much more relaxing my the walk would be without any clothes the mild breeze and warm sun.  Ahhhh, the stress free, clothes free life.  And you are so right about the bathing suits.  I've owned several nice ones in my life, but none as nice as none at all.

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