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The pantyless chubby gal up the skirt

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It was a really fruitful day for our hunter who made a lot of spicy shots of chubby gal pantyless!
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Pahlawan ( 4 years ago )
,  I couldn't be a nuidst.  I'm a good Catholic (Baptist, fundamentalist, Methodist the list goes on).   But at our park we have several people who join me at the local Lutheran church, a large number of Catholics, a smattering of Unitarians, Ba'hai, Quakers, Jews and every other religion (or lack of it) imaginable.   Nudists are just people living their lives without clothes.  They will be as religious or irreligious as the general population.
Angel ( 4 years ago )
Nice to read your conmemts, I've been a fan since the days when you were in Penn.I am 69 and in my day, eveyrone had a separate outfit for PE, and had to shower afterwards.  The ones who didn't dress had to have a note from parents or person of responsibiltiy.Things seem to be very different now in our schools!
Vitoria ( 4 years ago )
More true words couldn't be wtitren about the nature of the folks that all chip in and help out at Juniper Woods.  We are a community of all sorts of people, each with a unique contribution toward a common goal Happiness!  I too witnessed the effoert it takes the bring our sleepy campground back to life this spring; it was a pleasure helping out Jim & Peggy and it makes me feel great knowing that we will all be enjoying that awsome conversation pool and heated swiming pool again this Summer.  Kudos to the people that renovated the camp office, I can see how much it will improve the first impressions of the visitors and guests that stop in for the day or stay overnight in one of the beautiful campsites.  Heres to a great Summer at Juniper Woods .Drop in and see for youeself.ckb
Billal ( 4 years ago )
Hi Melissa,  I am the only one in my family that enyjos being clothes free. I would like my wife to join me, but for some reason she doesn't feel comfortable or she has  somthing else to say like why?  I am not a member of any like AANR, or Minnesota Naturist. I am a home nudist and have been one for a number of years. We don't have any place close to my area that is private or secluded. I lived south of Mankato, MN. and as far as nudist friends there are none. As far as starting a conversation on nudity/naturism without people thinking your some kind of weirdo how would you start? Hope you can help.Thanks
rakesh ( 9 years ago )
hy you are very sexy

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